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As a professional and personal development partner, I am passionate about coaching!  I use a strength-based positive approach.  Together we explore commitments and goals. We identify struggles, unsupportive habits, and negative self-talk.  Together we create customized strategies, action plans, accountability check-points, supportive habits, and tools to support what specifically works for you.  All of this attention and intentional work leads to your goals really happening!  

Background information

In 2005, I switched from identifying as a business professional in the corporate world to joyfully embracing the role and identity of being a professional early childhood educator.  As an early childhood educator, relationships with children and parents matter most.  I have been teaching at Chapel Hill Early School (a unit of Carolina Friends School) since August 2008.  

In early 2013 I attended an ADHD coaches training as part of my plan to extend my teaching and relationships focus through working one-on-one with older students and adults.  In August 2013 I joined the Carolina Friends School's Student Success Program as an Academic Coach.  This role sparked a desired outcome to become a personal development partner (a professional coach) working with individuals who feel stuck and want positive change.  To further my development as a person and coach, in 2015 I attended Doug Silsbee's Presence-Based Coaching program.  In November 2015, I became an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

As a Personal Development Coach and Life Coach

I believe it is important to have an ongoing partnership with my own life coach.  I look forward to our coaching sessions.  I always leave the session with a deeper understanding and sense of who I am and a stronger connection with my commitments and desired outcomes.  Coaching, teaching, spending time with my family and friends, all blend together as I give attention and intention to living a meaningful life.​​

Education and Training

  • Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (www.coachfederation.org)
  • ADHD/LD Coaching Training held at Carolina Friends School and offered by Theresa E. Laurie Maitland, PhD, CPCC and Kristen Rademacher, MA, CPCC through The UNC Learning Center's ADHD/LD Services.
  • ADHD Coach Training by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett through JST Coaching and Training (www.jstcoaching.com)
  • Presence-Based Coaching Training (www.presencebasedcoaching.com) offered by Doug Silsbee, PCC.

  • BA, Psychology from UNC at Chapel Hill
  • Certificate of Communications from Duke University Continuing Education program